You are now 27 weeks pregnant, which is the beginning of week 28.


Your unborn baby is about 37cm long from head to toe (14.8 inches) and weighs about 1,100 grams (2lb 7 oz).


Your baby is now developing their immune system with natural antibodies passing from your blood stream to them through the placenta. Your baby is now capable of coordinating a suck and swallow action, needed to drink milk after being born. However, this reflex does not fully mature until about 34 to 36 weeks. Your baby may look around and is capable of distinguishing light from dark and tracking movement.


Physical changes


Rib pain


Your uterus eventually starts encroaching on your ribcage, often causing pain and discomfort due to strain on the muscles between the ribs. Sitting more upright and giving your baby a gentle 'push down' with your hand may help take the pressure off.


Leg cramps


Nearly 50% of pregnant women experience leg cramps in their feet, calves or thighs, generally during the last few months of pregnancy. Leg cramps often occur at night, jolting you awake (and perhaps your startled partner), adding to insomnia and tiredness.


Other considerations 


When to stop work or study


If you are currently working and/or studying, you may be making plans for when you will stop. Depending on your circumstances, this may be several weeks before your baby is due, or perhaps as close to the due date as possible. If you are feeling well and coping (or even thriving) with your commitments and the pregnancy is progressing normally, when you stop will essentially come down to your own personal choice. However, bear in mind that sometimes health concerns (for yourself or your baby) could mean finishing earlier than anticipated. Also, your planned '2 weeks off' may turn out to be a couple of days if your baby decides to come early! Try to be flexible and factor in these unforeseen circumstances.

Your pregnancy - Week 27



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