You are now 40 weeks pregnant. Your baby is due and cooked to perfection! However, only 5% of babies are born on their actual due date. Most babies are born during the week after the day estimated.


Birth weights vary greatly. In Australia, newborns weigh on average 3,300 grams (7lb 41/2oz), but this can range from 2,800grams to 4,500grams (6lb 3oz to 9lb 15oz). An average length is 50 cms (20 inches), however this can range from 46 to 56 cms (18 to 22 inches). Your baby's head circumference is also measured at birth and can range from 33 to 37 cms.

If your baby is born around this time congratulations!


If your baby has not arrived as yet - try and be patient and remember that the normal length of a pregnancy is regarded as any time from 37 to 42 weeks


Emotional reactions


Wondering if labour will ever start. It is very common to feel like your labour will never begin. As each day passes, it can feel like an eternity. However, in the whole context of a nine-month pregnancy and your baby's lifetime, these few days are really not that many, are they?


Feeling disappointed, upset or impatient can be compounded by others making comments like "Haven't you had your baby yet?" Often the phone starts ringing from well-meaning friends and family, adding to the stress of starting labour and feeling pressured to perform. You may wish to stay close to home now and perhaps place a message on your answering machine saying, "We have not had our baby yet, but we will let you know when he/she arrives."

Your pregnancy - Week 40



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